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Fatal Revenant

Fatal Revenant - Stephen R. Donaldson I have been a fan of the Thomas Covenant series for a couple of decades. This book focuses primarily on the inner struggles of Linden Avery as she journeys through the Land in search of a way to help her son Jeremiah. One of the neat things about this book is that Donaldson tends to use a lot of obscure words that you don't find in most fantasy literature. You will certainly have new tools in your verbal arsenal after reading it.

The book is incredibly introspective and almost feels like Dostoyevsky in places. As such it may not be everyone's cup of tea since the story flows very slow at times. I prefer the older Thomas Covenant books for this reason. It had been over 20 years since I had read the previous books but fortunately there was a nice glossary in the back to remind me of what I had forgotten.

Fatal Revenant is a worthy read for anyone interested in Thomas Covenant but is probably not as accessible to the general reader of fantasy.